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Spring 2021 Registration will open very soon. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get a notice when we open registration!

Spring 2021 Registration will open very soon. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get a notice when we open registration!

Rec Season Information

NOTE: For those who have played with NRSA previously, FALL  2020 will be different due to COVID-19 related impacts.  Shorter (4-5 game days, TBD) and as a result, lower fees.   Uniforms will be different.   COVID-19 related protocols will apply.  See below for more details.

There is a lot of important info you may need/want to know before registering for the Fall 2020 Recreational Soccer Season with North River Soccer Association (NRSA), so we’ve broken them into topics to make it easier to find what you need to get ready for the season.

1.     Registration Dates and Fees

2.     Age Groups (grouped by birth year)

3.     How to Register

4.     Coach and Teammate Requests

5.     Volunteer Policy

6.     Coaches / Coaching

7.     Important Dates

8.    Important COVID-19 Requirements for the Fall 2020 Season



Rec Soccer Registration is open now through 11:59 PM on Friday, September 11, 2020.

There will be NO Late Registration period.

The Fall 2020 Player Registrations Fees for Boys and Girls are as follows:

           Rug Rats:    $33.00

           U5 & U6:     $43.00

           U8 thru High School (U18): $48.00

The Registration Fee listed above is for the first Rec Program player in each family. All additional Rec Program family members receive a $7.00 discount off the applicable registration fee at the time of registration (when registered together). 

WE WILL NOT send out rosters for any teams in an age group until ALL teams in that age group have coaches. This is necessary to allow the Commissioners to keep coaches with their players and attempt to balance team rosters.


(“U” stands for “under”. For example, a “U5” age group is for kids Under 5)

To align with US Youth Soccer age groups, NRSA’s Age Groups are based upon a standard calendar year (birth year). For example, all children born in 2011 and 2010 will play in the U10 Age Group this season. 

This season the NRSA age groups will be set as shown below: 

·         Rug Rats – Older U3 (Birthdates between 1/01/18 to 6/31/18) & U4 (Birthdates between 1/01/17 to 12/31/17).   Note: Younger 2018 birth year players can be registered, with prior permission from Rugrats Coach Mark, and some assistance from our Registrars.   Email us at [email protected] if you would like to make this request.

·         U5:    Birthdates 1/01/16 to 12/31/16

·         U6:    Birthdates 1/01/15 to 12/31/15

·         U8:    Birthdates 1/01/13 to 12/31/15

·         U10: Birthdates 1/01/11 to 12/31/12

·         U12: Birthdates 1/01/09 to 12/31/10 

·         U14: Birthdates 1/01/07 to 12/31/08 

·         High School: Birthdates 1/01/03 to 12/31/06 


Age Group Notes: 

All players will register to play in the Age Group designated by their birth year (as shown above).   We allow requests for players to play up an Age Group, if it is right for the Player. If you would like to request that your player to “play up”, you can do this during registration in the section where teammate and coach requests are made. Please be sure to list the reason(s) why you are making the request. This information will help us look for the right spot for your player.

Rugrats, U5 and U6 teams are typically co-ed, while U8, U10, and U12 teams are generally not. Age U14 and High School (U16 and U18) teams may be co-ed, depending on the mix of registered players and the gender of the teams from the other associations. 

U12, U14 and High School teams will play against other associations in the area. Not all games will be at the Cleveland T. Grimes Soccer Complex (NRSA’s fields). 

Note: U16 and U18 are combined into one single Age Group, referred to as “High School” - The associations in our district agreed a couple of summers ago to try combining the U16 and U18 players into one age group, the “High School” age group. We found that only a few of the associations could register enough players for both age groups, so U16 teams were required to play U18 teams. By combining them, our players will be playing on a team with an age group that will match their opponent’s team (and what they would experience if playing with a high school’s team).

High School games will be played as either 11 v 11 or 6 v 6 (depending on the number of players registered in the age group at NRSA and at the other local associations).         


Rec Soccer registrations must be completed online by going to and clicking on “Login” (for those returning to NRSA) or “Register” (for those new to NRSA) at the Top Right corner of the website Home page. MasterCard and Visa (Credit or Debit cards) are accepted.

After logging in, and before starting with the Registration process, you will see a notice regarding the TN State Law-mandated information we must provide you regarding both Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Head Injuries and Concussions.  During the registration process, in order to be compliant with Tennessee State Law - you will be notified/reminded that NRSA supplies all families with this information on our website and the registering parent or guardian must acknowledge the receipt and understanding of that information before they may register their player, in addition to accepting a liability waiver.

You will be able to click on links to the read the important information about head/brain injuries and sudden cardiac arrest that can occur in any sports participation, OR before beginning registration, we encourage you to go to the Parents Corner tab on the website, where we’ve provided this important information.

NRSA is committed to providing access to youth players who want to learn and play recreational soccer. Please let us know if you cannot pay by debit or credit card. Scholarships in exchange for volunteer time are available; as are payment arrangements. Please contact us at [email protected] if we can assist you with registration, or to discuss any questions you may have.


NOTE:  This Fall we expect less registrations than a typical season, which may result in less ability to honor requests.  We will do our best, but we cannot guarantee requests this Fall.

We make an effort to balance teams to improve your Player’s experience. Meeting new people and playing with friends and classmates are both important life experiences. Here are some guidelines we use to try to achieve balance between these life experiences. 

1.     NRSA will try to honor limited coach and teammate requests; however, these requests will be limited to the first two (2) requests per coach received for U5, U6 and U8 teams and the first four (4) requests received per coach for U10, U12, and older teams. 

2.     As many teammate requests will be honored as possible but honoring them may not allow for coach requests as well.

3.     Any coach and teammate requests made after the end of the REGULAR online registration period (after LATE Registration starts) will not be honored.

4.     NRSA reserves the right to assign players to teams at its sole discretion based on the needs of NRSA, the registrations received for a season and the volunteer coaches available at the time - and does not guarantee any specific requests will be honored. Further, NRSA reserves the right to create a coed team from a mix of male and female registered players in the same age division in the event that registrations do not allow for creation of gender-specific teams in an age division. 



NRSA is an all-volunteer run organization. Without volunteers, we can't offer the programs we do for the low fees we have, so we require that everyone provide two (2) hours of volunteer time for each Player that registers. We also understand that the demands on everyone’s time are tremendous and not everyone grew up playing soccer, so we will allow folks to opt out, if they choose to, and we identify many volunteer opportunities outside of coaching (so you don’t have to have soccer experience to volunteer). At registration, you will either register to Coach, Assistant Coach or just as a “Volunteer" to add yourself to our Volunteer list.

If you aren’t able to commit to provide at least two (2) volunteer hours per player registered, you may elect to pay the Volunteer "Opt Out" fee of $25.00 per player registered by checking the “I prefer not to Volunteer” box on the Volunteer page. COACHING counts as volunteer time.  (Read notes about coaching, below).

There are three ways to find volunteer opportunities:

·      You can see something that needs to be done at the Complex, let us know about it and volunteer to do it. 

·      You can respond to an email from us requesting help.

·      You can sign up for an opportunity that we post on our SignUpGenius website account. We will let everyone know when we have opened our SignUpGenius site with posted opportunities.

If you respond to an email or an observed need, you will need to communicate with us.  You can email us at [email protected] or call/text us at (423) 505-9451.  We will track your volunteer hours for the Club. 

In order to volunteer through our SignUpGenius account, you can click on the big orange button on the home screen of our website that reads “Click Here to Volunteer” OR you can go to the Volunteer tab on our website, found both next to the picture rotator and under the Parents Corner tab.

Here is a direct link to our volunteer page:  Click HERE for our Volunteer Page

After you volunteer, you will need to sign the volunteer check-in sheet available at concessions with your arrival and completion times. If you forget to sign the sheet or concessions is closed, please send Carolina an email with details of the task that was completed; please include your full name, date and time when you helped out in your email.  



If you have coached for NRSA before or are willing to coach now, be sure to register as a Volunteer Coach when you register your player. The sooner we have the total number of coaches needed to assign teams, the earlier we can start practices and you can work with your players. 

To register to Coach or volunteer in other ways, log in to your NRSA account and then click on the Volunteer tab. If you coach, we have to collect some paperwork from you, which is required by TN State Law or Tennessee State Soccer. Please email us at [email protected] if you have completed paperwork to submit or questions about what to complete to be ready to coach in the upcoming season.



·         Saturday/Sunday September 19 & 20, 2020 – First Weekend of Games (all Age Groups)

·         October 12-16 (Fall Break for Hamilton County schools) – We will have games the first weekend of Fall Break, October 10th and 11th.   We won’t schedule games the second weekend of Fall Break.

·         Saturday, October 24/25 – Last Scheduled Games Weekend

We won’t make up a rained-out game weekend, if one occurs.

Further information about the season will be sent out to all registered players after we close registration and determine how many players and coaches we have, which will affect our scheduled games and practice plans.  We’ll update you the week after we close registration.


NRSA must try to create an atmosphere that follow several requirements.  The requirements include those provided by TN Pledge, Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA), the Hamilton County Health Department, and the City of Chattanooga.  We have to be careful and thoughtful in how we plan this season and it won’t look like past seasons.  Any of the requirements that we have to follow are subject to change; consequently, NRSA will not offer refunds if we have to cancel the Fall Season.

Here are the highlights of the requirements included in the Tennessee Pledge (related to sports) dated August 6, 2020:

·  Social distancing of 6 feet or more - spectators must be limited within the common areas.

·  Sidelines will have coaches and parents/spectators on the same side.

·  Attendees must be kept track of.

·  Sanitation stations will be in place throughout the complex.

·  Bathrooms must be continually sanitized.

·  Balls will be sanitized for each game.

·  No sharing of water bottles or food.

·  No children should participate if showing symptoms of COVID-19. (Health screening questionnaire at our supplied website (AIMS) must be completed each time you will enter the complex.)

·  Game times will be spread further apart to help with crowding between games.

·  Children should come fully dressed in uniform rather than changing at the complex.

If you don’t mind playing under and/or will be willing to help us meet the restrictions we face, we look forward to seeing you at the fields!

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