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Tennessee State Soccer Concussion Policy Requirements

To comply with TN State Law, All Commissioners and all Coaches must annually complete TWO requirements:   

Complete the Heads Up! online concussion recognition and head injury safety education course program, which is available on the Tennessee Department of Health website at

 HEADS UP! Training Course  

A certificate is issued by this online program immediately following completion of the course, which is made available to download as a .pdf.   Do not close your browser before you complete the course, you are have to start from the beginning. 
The completion certificate must be submitted by each coach via email to [email protected].  

NOTE:  If you can't print or save the .pdf of your certificate after you complete this course or don't know how to save a .pdf onto your Tablet, you lose the opportunity and have to re-take the video course.  To avoid that, use Screen Capture on your tablet or take a LEGIBLE and CLEAR picture of the certificate on the screen with your PHONE and send it to us.  DO NOT leave the page without saving, printing or taking a picture, or you will have to re-take the course to get the certificate again.

Prior to the starting ANY practice or competition, commissioners and coaches must review the Concussion and Head Injury Information Sheet and sign a Concussion Information Signature Form for Coaches at the end of the Information Sheet and return it to NRSA. The combined Information Sheet/Signature Form can also be found here:

Coach Concussion Education signature form

All signed forms will be retained for 3 years.

NRSA MUST have a copy (scanned and emailed is acceptable) of BOTH the Certificate issued by the Heads Up! online head injury safety education program AND a signed copy of the Coach's Concussion Information and Signature Form from any coach PRIOR to being allowed to participate in practices or games.  

To get these two items to NRSA, Commissioners and Coaches should:

1) Complete the online course and obtain the completion certificate.  

2) Review the Concussion Information Sheet, print the Form for Coaches, complete, sign and date.


3) Scan and email both forms to [email protected]

Again, these forms (along with the Coach completing the background check required by TSSA) must be completed and provided to NRSA prior to conducting or participating in any practices or games.  Otherwise, you are breaking Tennessee Law.

Effective January 1, 2014, Tennessee Senate Bill 882, amending Tennessee law regarding sports-related concussion and head injuries, became law.  The Tennessee State Soccer Association, the state’s governing body for organized soccer in Tennessee, has adopted Policy 31, which in accordance with law establishes guidelines and other pertinent information and forms developed by the department of health as required by TN Code.   Copies of Policy 31 and Bill 882 are here:  

  POLICY 31.pdf                   TN Concussion Law 2013.pdf

The link to the full TN Department of Health Concussion Law support website is:

TSSA and NRSA know education is the key to identifying and treating youth athletes who show signs of a concussion during athletic participation. It is very important that every administrator, coach, parent, official, athlete and health-care professional know the symptoms and steps to take when dealing with student-athletes that display signs of a possible concussion. Concussion can be a serious health issue and should be treated as such.  A free 20-minute course online entitled “Concussion in Sports – What You Need to Know” which may be accessed at  is recommended by the Department of Health. 


(1) It is policy that there be immediate removal of any youth athlete who shows signs, symptoms, and behaviors consistent with a concussion from the activity or competition for evaluation by a licensed health care professional, if available, and, if not, by the coach or other designated person. In determining whether a youth athlete suffered from a possible concussion, the centers for disease control and prevention's concussion signs and symptoms checklist shall be utilized;

(2)  Any youth athlete who shows signs, symptoms and behavior consistent with a concussion shall immediately be removed from the activity or competition for evaluation by a licensed medical doctor, if available, and if not, by the coach or  NRSA leadership personnel. In determining whether a youth athlete suffered from a possible concussion, the centers for disease control and prevention’s concussion signs and symptoms checklist shall be utilized. (The CDC Concussion Signs and Symptoms Checklist, which is the State designated evaluation tool, is located here: CONCUSSION CHECKLIST.

(3)  No youth athlete who has been removed from play due to suspected concussion shall return to practice or competition until the youth athlete is evaluated by a health care provider and receives written clearance from the health care provider for a full or graduated return to play.  The Concussion Return to Play Form has been approved by TN Dept of Health and should be used in practices and games.   TBI_checklist_508-a with TN policy.pdf.  

The form contains specific instructions that shall be followed before an athlete can return to sports. The form is to be completed and signed by a licensed medical doctor, osteopathic physician or a clinical neuropsychologist with concussion training before an athlete that has been removed from practice or a game may return to participate. A copy of the form must be kept on file by the youth athletic organization administrator for a period of three years.


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