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May, 2015

Locking the gate

In case you don't already know, almost every time the gates are locked and unlocked, it is done by a volunteer. When the groundskeeper is out there working, he or one of his guys will unlock for us.  

When one of the volunteers can't get out there, I will contact a parent that I know is out there practicing and ask them if they will lock the gates for me.  Most of you know that I truly appreciate the help that others are willing to provide and we can all imagine that they are willing to lock up out of a desire to help. They are not meaning to create a hassle for anyone.

Well, there are times that I ask someone to lock up and then can't get there to unlock before some of the parents get there the next day. When this happens, I will get a call from a parent who knows my number. They call to see if I am on my way there. I hate to keep people waiting, so if I am going to take a while to get there, I will ask if they are willing to unlock for me. This is the purpose of having a combination lock. (The other locks are owned by the gas company that has an easement through the complex or EPB or TVA, etc.) If the combination is locked the way it is in the photo, no one can get in without a key.  

If each lock is linked together, like the links of the chain, then each lock can be unlocked to let someone in.  If I can figure out how to post a second photo, I will put up the one I have showing what the correct method looks like.

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